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7pm-8pm Daniel Seven ***
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Apr 10, 2015: (Ł5)

Smiling Corpse 2

Mar 9, 2015: (Ł11.99)

Who's Got The Stamina?!

Feb 9, 2015: (Ł15)

This Is Powerstomp 2

Jan 20, 2015: (Ł12)

M-Project - Project:Powerstomp

Nov 10, 2014: (Ł10)

The Bassline Presents: Little Man, Big Fight

Upcoming Events:

May 1, 2015: Manchester

TLI - 11th Birthday

May 2, 2015: Leeds

Stomp! Trek

May 9, 2015: Northampton

H.A.S Event 6

May 15, 2015: Newcastle

Kian Fest 2

June 19, 2015: Magaluf

HTID In the Maga Sun

July 25, 2015: Long Eaton

HB8 - A Hard Barginn Summer Special

August 8, 2015: Northampton

H.A.S Summer Special Event 7

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Free Hardcore MP3's

Here's a collection of all the free hardcore tunes / mp3s we have ever linked to on Kraftyradio, in alphabetical order by artist. All of these tracks have been given out for free by their creators / producers, we will not post any illegal material!

If a link doesn't work, let us know in the shoutbox or in chat so we can re-upload the file. Special thanks to Jay over at Hardcore Highlights for having backed up some tracks that expired.

Alek Száhala - Ashurnishishi (Extended edit)

Alek Száhala - Chimaera

Alek Száhala - Dryad Machine

Alek Száhala - Entangled

Alek Száhala - Firecloud

Alek Száhala - Icy Clouds

Alek Száhala - Iron Squid

Alek Száhala - Invitation

Alek Száhala - Man Eaten

Alek Száhala - Maruuk

Alek Száhala - Mermaid

Alek Száhala - Ngarnuuk

Alek Száhala - Noitavasara

Alek Száhala - Pink Magic

Alek Száhala - Sunray (Unfinished Forever Edit)

Alek Száhala - Supriya

Alek Száhala - Voices of Babylon

Alek Száhala - Xochitlán

Alek Száhala - Ziggurat

Alex BassJunkie - HeadBanger

Noc.v - 18th Angel (Andy Dee Remix)

Andy Dee - Going Home

Anon - Viva La Diva

Antix, Suae & Pulsar - Hypnotized

Archefluxx – Animus

Auscore & Camzor - Attack

Auscore - Everybody Scream

Paul Van Dyk - Home (Breeze Remix)

Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Breeze & Unknown Remix)

Cat Like Thief - Just For Now

Chwhynny - I Am (Trance Mix)

Chwhynny - Morris Call

Chwhynny - My Love

Compulsion & Orbit1 - Got Any

Contraption - Higher, Forever (D&A Atomic Robokid Remix)

Cube::Hard - Hold The Beat

Cube::Hard - Hold The Beat (Gammer Remix)

Cube::Hard - Micro N1

Cube::Hard - Micro N2

Cube::Hard - Music Of The Primes.mp3

L2U - Eurocore (Cruze & Friction Remix)

Cruze - Severn Citis

D-Code - My Direction (Dan Edge & Sparkz Remix)

Al Twisted & JFX - Bounce 2 Da Beat (Darren Hotchkiss Remix)

Showtek - Black (Darren Hotchkiss Remix)

Moby - Everytime You Touch Me (Darwin Remix)

Darwin - Harriba

Bass D & King Matthew - Like A Dream (Darwin Remix)

A-HA - Sun Always Shines On TV (Darwin Remix)

Darwin - U B Long 2 Me

Deeper Territory - Dance With Me

Special D - You (Alex Bassjunkie & Defekt Remix)

Dozee Rascalz - Bonkerz

Dougal & Gammer - Pump Up The Noise 2006

Entity - Move As One

Ephexis, DJ Rx & Carbon Based - Decimator

Eufeion Crowd Go Donk 2010

Eufeion - Dub Like Ice

Eufeion - Megaman Blast

Eufeion - Mortal Kombat

Eufeion - Rocking Aces

Eufeion - Tetris Party

Heavens Cry - Till Tears Do Us Part (Eufeion & Marco Polo 06 Remix)

Eufeion - Zelda's Ass

Eufeion - Zeldas Ass (VIP Mix)

Fangbanger - Bad Things

Flyin' & Sparky feat. Charm - Bring Me Down

Flyin' & Sparky feat. Charm - Bring Me Down (Hyperforce remix)

Marc Smith - Gravity (Gammers ever so slight re-edit)

Gammer & Francis Hill - It Will Be Alright (Klubfiller Hardcore Remix)

Evil Activities - Nobody Said It Was Easy (DJ Gammer Remix)

DJ Gammer - Praise You

Gammer - Riverside

Andy Whitby vs Audio Hedz - Rock Ya Body (Gammer Remix)

Gammer & JB-C - Turn up the bass

DJ Gammer: Matt Lee - Wait A Second (Gammer Remix)

Gavin G - Hell With Hardcore

Gavin G - Stuck In A Hole

Geos Crew - Far Out (Remix)

Rihanna - Only Girl (Gisbo Hardcore Remix)

Darren Styles - Getting Better (Haze Remix)

Himbo & MC Enemy - Just for You (Inverse & Evolution Remix)

Inverse & Lumin8 - Addiction

Inverse - The Longest Road

Inverse & Evolution - Raindrops

Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun (JB-C Remix)

The Collective - Kick It (JB-C Remix)

Joey Riot & Darren Grant ft. James Warren - Better Man

Joey Riot & Gammer - Comin' Up Strong

Joey Riot - Feel Complete (Flyin & Sparky Remix)

Joey Riot - The Best

Joey Riot & DJ Seduction - Turn Up The Bassline 2010

Joey Riot - Visit Scotland

Calvin Harris - Flashback (JTS Bootleg)

Kandie Rush - Changed The Way

Kevin Energy - It's About Time (Original Mix)

Tons of Kev Willow tracks

DJ Seduction - 50,000 Watts (DJ Kurt Remix)

Lucky Strike - Into The Night (Bootleg)

Lumin8 & Cheever Eastern Sea

Lumin8 & Cheever - Sahara

Akon - Right Now (Marro Remix)

Milo - 32D

Milo - 36B

Milo - Mind Scanner

Milo - Pump It Up Loud

Fragma - Memory (Mob and Supreme Remix)

DJ Mob - Sonic Rush

You Me At Six - UnderDog (DJ Mob Bootleg Remix

DJ Mob - Underneath

Mob, Paul EP & Smithy - The Shizzle

Mozz - Broke It

Mozz - Check Yaself

Mozz - Chronic Beats

Mozz - The Joker

Noc.V - Secrets

Nomad - Technical Support

Mata Ashita (DJ Noriken Bootleg)

Nu Foundation - What Did You Say

Cat Like Thief - New Heights (Nu Foundation Remix)

Nu Foundation - Popcorn

Orbit-1 & Milo - Bounce

Orbit-1 & Milo - Groove 2 Da Beat

Orbit1 - On The Beach

DJ Seduction - The Ultimate (Orbit1 Remix)

Pain on Creation - Lush

Pain On Creation - Lush (Fatal Error Edit)

Pain on Creation - V8

Pain on Creation & DJ RX - Super Sonic

Petruccio vs Oceanlab - Satellite (Maddies Birthday Mix)

Phaaze - Unsecure Place

Phenex - Green Greens (Hardcore Remix)

Phenex - Love Song

Pinnacle & Prospect - Into Your Mind

DJ Pinnacle - Non Stop Hardcore

Ponder - Echoes From The Abyss

Prospect & Pinnacle Sincerely Yours

Spirit Wolf - Daydream (RedMoon Deejay Remix)

RedMoon Deejay - Make The Crowd Go

Hixxy & Sharkey - Toytown (Reese's K12 Bootleg)

Rhythmics & Nu Foundation - Allegro

DJ Rhythmics - MJ Is In Heaven

DJ Rhythmics - Poke Her In The Face.mp3

Rhythmics - Teenybopper

Rhythmics & Smash - Untitled

DJ RX - Inmemoriam

Sam B - To The Club

Flow Ryan - Incertitude ( Sash Dee Remix )

Sash Dee - I Miss You (VIP Mix)

Samba D vs Mindtrust - Ravers Groove 2008

Simi - Kaze No Toorimichi

Skampy, TC & Ampz - One Night

Skampy & TC ft. Kelly C. – Take You High (Cube::Hard Remix)

SMS - Right Now

Solution & Firefarm - Requiem for a Dream

Spit - La La Song

Spit - Shenmue

Starstruck - All The Small Things (Jump Up Mix)

Starstruck - Falling Over The Moon 2010

Starstruck - Someone Like U

Stormtrooper - Bass3Hard

Chunk Boys ft. MC Knight - Doctor Doctor (Stormtrooper Remix

Sound Dezign - Happiness (Stormtrooper Remix)

Emile Sande - Heaven (StrifeII Liquid Drum & Bass Remix)

Kleerup - Until We Bleed (StrifeII Remix)

Tom Parr - Missing You (Stu Infinity 2011 Revisit)

Corona – Rhythm Of The Night (Stylus & AudioJunkie Remix)

TANUKI - Genesis of Donkuarion

Secret Base (Tanuki Remix)

UFO - Deep Inside (Original Mix)

Watami - Take a Trip

Watami - Tears

Yoshi J - Kaechi! Teochi! Yoshi!

Yoshi J - Bowsers Chant