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May 1, 2015: Manchester

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August 8, 2015: Northampton

H.A.S Summer Special Event 7

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DJ Rukkus

DJ Rukkus


Rukkus made his main stage debut on January 1st, 2004 at a party called Time Bomb. He first picked up a mic and used it to rock Beastie Boys lyrics over 180bpm hardcore, after that all bets were off. After a few months of writing and practice he earned a resident MC spot in Toronto's infamous Goodfellaz Crew.

In March 05, Rukkus teamed up with Sunrize himself at a gig in Quebec City. After that Rukkus started getting booked with Sunrize to rock crowds all over North America. Later that year a friend lent Rukkus some turntables, he was hooked. It wasn’t long before he bought his own decks and put out his first mix. It was so well received that after spinning records for less than a year he began getting bookings all over North America to Dj as well as Mc.

His style immediately caught the attention of party goers and promoters alike, mashing together Hardcore, Dnb, and anything else he can get his hands onto to “keep em guessing”. He holds residencies with Goodfellaz Crew and Nocturnal Commissions in Toronto and Kids of the Core in Los Angles. Other affiliations include the infamous TeamFuckUp, K12Studios, RobotPilotClothing, and of course SunrizeSounds. That’s about all for now, just remember folks he’s just getting started.

Major cities where Rukkus has performed:

Atlanta, Cleveland, London (England), Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Morgantown, NYC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Quebec City, San Francisco, Toronto


Coming soon!


Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/joeyrukkus
Msn / Email: integrrac[at]yahoo.com