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DJ Defekt

My love for UK Hardcore started listening to the old Bonkers and Helterskelter series. Only ever having listened to Scouse House before Hardcore was a breath of fresh air, and I instantly knew what I wanted to do, DJ. Couple of months had gone by when having no idea about what was good and what wasn't so good equipment wise, I began with a pair of Belt Drive Ministry Of Sound turntables (Awful), and a homemix CDJ system, not the best in all fairness, but I learnt the basics from there and updated to a better set as time went by.

Shortly after learning the principles of DJ'in I decided to give it a go MC'in, picking up fairly quickly I started getting on at u18s event at the age of 13/14, MC'in at events in Blackpool, such as Heaventeen and The Attic, things were going well until the venues got closed, (never found out why).

In 2003 I moved to The Black Country in the West Midlands and my music died off slightly as the scene was much different to the scene up North in Blackpool. I rode out school and not much really happened until 2007 due to other commitments. I decided to carry on, and decided to give it a go producing. I met up with a scouse producer (Danny K / Analyzed Donk), and Rezilience was born. We entered a remix competition run by Alan Aztec(Retro & Flawless), and with "Best of the Best", came 2nd place,with our track winning us a couple of signed vinyls and a few sample packs and V.I.P Membership on a music forum.

Around mid 2007 I decided to produce UK Hardcore, starting with VSTS such as Nexus, z3ta+, V-Station, Korg M1, Pro 53 with the sequencer Fruity Loops 7 XXL Producers Edition. The first few tracks were remixes mostly made from royalty free vocals from websites scattered around the net. In 2008 I was approached by Marie Lou(True Hardcore) asking if I was looking for a singer, this led to a couple of tracks being made with her "Fade Away" and "In the Distance". Listening to commercial CD's such as Clubland Extreme Hardcore 4 and Ministry Of Sound Hardcore Classics, gave me an idea to work on my own compilation and teaming up with Flawless (Retro & Flawless- True Hardcore 2), Nu Breed Hardcore was started. We quickly compiled a list of names to work alongside, and once we got a solid team, the tracks were started, and a label was approached. Flawless had struck a deal with a major label/business and they had agreed to fund us for a compilation. The work is still being done on the compilation,but we are hoping to release it by March 09.

Names on this compilation are to include;

Retro & Flawless, Defekt, Marzi, Chaos, Impact, Square, Redef, Hotchkiss, Kieran M, Viable, Phatboss, Stormforce.

The mixer of the cd will remain anonymous until closer to the release date.


Email: DJDefekt@rockthevibe.net
MSN: Rezilience[at]hotmail.co.uk
Myspace: myspace.com/djdefektuk
Website: www.nubreedhardcore.co.uk
Scouse House: Rezilience