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MC Wotsee Lyrics

We will upload a more easily sortable page with all of Wotsee's lyrics up on our blog soon, but for now here are pretty much all lyrics!


I’m a homerun hitter

Say I’m sick and twisted you can say I’m very bitter, like a baseball player I’m a homerun hitter, in my field of dreams I’m looking up to the light, the sky is my limit when I get on the mic, from the time that I was 21 I only had 1 dream, that’s to be a massive icon in the hardcore scene, people sing my lyrics coz I got their respect, this feeling is amazing what’s coming next.

The Satellite City

Brought up in the place called the Satellite city where the boys act bad and the girls ain’t pretty with houses getting robbed and fires being lit, using Newport slang like “you knows it”, people go to work for their 6 till 2 coz their saving all their pennies for their rocky and glue, going on their break getting drugs from their locker smoking with their blads, coz they’re safe and proper.

Bottle of rush

Wake up in the morning and its quarter past ten your late for your giro overslept again, got no money for a taxi cannot even get a bus you spent your last fiver on a bottle of rush, now your up the job centre see your best mate signing on, he offers you some ganja its from Holland so its strong, you finally get your money, you get strongbow from the spar, what a wicked lifestyle believe its safe bra!!!

A Schoolboy in Lliswerry

This lyric is a story its from back in 95 there’s a school boy in Lliswerry whose a wire very live most his teachers seemed to hate him he made one break down and cry they couldn’t understand how his marks were so high, break-times he would wrestle like Shaun Michaels or The Rock, a show from in a circus was the sixth form block but the head got to expel him with a letter of law now Rawlings biggest enemy is rocking the dance-floor.

The local press all hate it

So the dust has finally settled and the smoke has finally cleared I’m now what I gave my life to I’m now what so many feared, from day one I’ve been so different trying new stuff every day, award winning at Slammin sums up all I’ve got to say, but the local press all hate it, they refuse to let it be, a local music power who is not the GLC, I’ve got haters, I’ve got slaters, I got critics, I got fans, a lyrical technician with the world in my hands.

You can live your life like me

Respect from all my family and respect from loads of friends I might drive round in an Astra not a flash Merceydes Benz, I might wear Lacoste for clothing spend my money to have fun, I’m dedicated focussed going to be number one, so I’ve done my education now my past has been set, gaining motivation working hard and losing sweat so I’m spreading you a message my advice will come for free you can do whatever live your life like me.

Want to be famous

Want to be famous yeah I want to be a star yeah I want to be a guy who drive a flashy car well I want to have money for me to splash around, i've come to hype the raver’s with my lyrical touchdown.

Element of risk

Its an element of risk, it’s the chance that you take, if you take a 50-50 its make or break, it can make you rich and famous or homeless and poor, know the consequences, know the rules and score.

My dream is now reality

Drive to different venues in the car park I will chill, when I walk into the party yeah I feel a wicked thrill, see a lot of different people everybody knows my name, my dream is now reality I’m living in fame, so I sign a lot of autographs have pictures taken too, it is all I ever wanted cant believe it came true, stay away from being cocky, keep my feet on the ground performing for the raver’s with a lyrical touchdown.

Life is like a module

Life is like a module every day is like a stage I can read you like a book now I’m gonna turn the page as the ending of this chapter sees us dancing having fun, ill take your mind and body to the maximum.

Who the hell are you

Friends from many years ago we kept our friendship strong but you went and turned your back on me, is chasing dreams so wrong, you can slate me if you want to but what you gonna do coz I’m a famous mc who the hell are you.

Jordan’s Tits

Love to be a pop star write my number one hits get my picture in the paper sucking Jordan’s tits, make my first million have a house in the country fulfil my boyhood dream and own Newport County. This may seem weird it may seem wild, I live my life still like a child cos I do my business and I do it my way this is how I’ve got where I am today.

Every minute every day

How to be an mc well this is my way as I live for hardcore music every minute every day, I always write my lyrics with a skill and technique, it took me time and effort for the way that I speak so you’ve got to make your demos knowing everything it takes, play in clubs for pennies try to get the right breaks, climbing up the ladder see the top of the tree now it can work for you, it worked for me.

The Welsh Sensation

My world is like a jigsaw got to piece it all together coz I got a lot of dreams I want to last forever, like a girlfriend that I worship and a baby boy, to overcome the stigma of the real McCoy, so I’m seen as controversial sometimes act like a clown, when I’m chilling with my mates, when I’m walking through town, I change when I want to cause a massive vibration, welcome to the world of the Welsh Sensation.

That’s not enough

Set yourself some targets you can always achieve when I said I was an mc none my friends did believe so I worked so hard to make it with a dream to prove them wrong and now some sexy ladies say my voice does turn them on so I’m seen as Wales number one but that’s not enough coz I want to be world famous yeah I know that will be tough but you know I’ve got a passion I dress with flair and pride, the life of MC Wotsee is one hell of a ride.

From the day you were born

From the day you were born until the day that you die, oh yeah you keep on chasing rainbows that are high in the sky, well you know the things your after and the effort that they need, the key to be successful is you got to believe.

One and two

Add one and two and yeah you get three, I’m just hypening the crowd cos I’m the mc, you add one more, yeah you get four, you and I together lets rock the dance floor.

I’m huge in the UK

Fifteen cans of Carling, found a system and a mic, who’d have thought what I created on that drunken Friday night, for years I took the statement “MC Wotsee this and that”, if UK law was different many would have got a slap, but now I’m here I’m smiling, I often wonder how, people tried to stop me but look at me now, the best in my own country what can local muppets say, I’m known by raver’s around the world, I’m huge in the UK.

Milf Hunter

You can read the Kama Sutra till the very back page, my philosophy on women’s  they get better with age, their experienced, developed and their muscles are strong, have you seen some of the women on milfhunter dot com, Sam Fox oh what a legend but there’s quite a few more, imagine Pamela Anderson knocking your door, this ain't sleazy it’s quite funny but its also filth, American Pie taught us the world of the Milf.

Makes me stand proud

Waiting for a taxi on my driveway Sunday night, see a kid who rides past me on a stolen mountain bike then he see’s three of his best mates they turn round their coming back, one of them is Asian, two are white and one is black, oh blad are you the mc, did you go to our school, you’re a legend on the playground to the kids your really cool, these things often embarrass but it makes me stand proud, I know that I am respected when I’m rocking a crowd.

Never been a quitter

Never been a quitter, never gave up in my life, done a lot of things wrong, done a lot of things right but here I am this evening with a smile on my face, the mic’s in my hand watch me rock this place as the bass kicks in, my rhymes come fast, I make a first impression that’s made to last, so what people say will be shown tonight that when I’m on the stage you believe the hype.

Girls Aloud

Who do you relate to whose your idol in your life, is it Superman or Batman or your parents or your wife, do you think you have a mission or a job that you do, that makes you feel important always happy not blue, so if two is seen as company and three is a crowd, heaven is a gang bang with the Girls Aloud as I play within the rulebook I’m as agile as a cat, doing what I want to its as simple as that.

Phone is always ringing

My phone is always ringing who is going to ring me next, I accept it does my head in but I’ve got to try my best to accept its going to happen and it will not go away, I know I’ve got to answer hear what people got to say, is this Wotsee?? Yeah it might be, who is this that’s on my phone?? I love you mate your wicked I’ve got all your sets at home, “Yeah no problem mate that’s buzzing I’m gonna to have to go” as this is what surrounds me as an icon who can flow.

Behind the scenes

The set is getting closer and the clock is ticking down, behind the scenes I’m nervous sweating loads and walking around, in a minute I’ll be focussed as I know it’s my turn, I get up on the stage no time to learn, so I give an introduction watch the cameras start to flash, this is what the buzz is not the envelope of cash, for one hour of the spotlight I give everything I got, I’m not a flash in the pan coz I want the lot.

Be tomorrow’s news

It’s this business that I live for it is what my life’s about I put anger in my lyrics I don’t ever scream and shout, I’m constructive very different from the rest I’m on my own, living for the music every beat and every tone, the persona I created was designed to always shock, time is running out on us don’t stand by the clock, be determined energetic, stamp on all of your blues, if you work towards a target your tomorrows news.

Wasting loads of money

I was wasting loads of money out in town on every night, never had any ambition till my finance came tight then I found I had a talent but to most it was a joke, I jumped into the spotlight left my life in the smoke, on the net I built my name up, gigs were coming thick and fast but people kept on saying this wouldn’t last then I made it to the big time and I drew the line, nobody holds me back this life is mine.


This is MC Wotsee, what you see is what you get, not a base head or a cokehead or a smackhead high on ket, as a friend I’m pretty loyal, that’s the way it should be, respect I’ve shown to some, ain’t been shown to me, compulsive liars, big time charlies grab a flyer and see, the name that’s in the middle ain’t you it’s me, forget about the rest, accept no imitation, 5,4,3,2,1 the welsh sensation.

MC Wotsee’s back

Forget the things you may have heard I’ll tell you all the score, when I flew out of a sunroof banged my head hard on the floor, seen my life flash right before me, seen the blood pour down my face, people spreading rumours to my crew are a disgrace, all my mates with me that morning were like blood brothers to me, the Adam H, the Andy B, the horns-man Mikey G, all the stuff is done and dusted, people out there stop your crap, one thing really matters, MC Wotsee’s back.

What I was I’d be again

Came so close to death it scares me, close my eyes I cant sleep, got some scars now on my body I know I have to keep, months of anguish full of anger my mates were having fun, I hit the road at speed so very close to a tonne, through the pain I was determined what I was I’d be again, MC Wotsee ain’t a quitter there’s nobody the same, now I’m on the mic my message is quite simple and free, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

My world that don’t exist

Look at me I’m pretty crazy in my world that don’t exist, I’ve had sex with all the Spice Girls so I think or was I pissed, I drive a Porsche Carrera, I’ve raved up on the moon, I think you all respect me but I might just be a loon, did you say I’m skitsofrenic wait a minute, where did you go, I base my life around you but you keep on saying no, at my wedding there’lll be thousands, am I off my tree, the men in white coats are coming for me.

Forces and HMP

Lyric's for the people who can’t get to a rave either fighting for our
country or they couldn’t behave, all the crew that’s in the forces or HMP this is all your shout out from MC Wotsee, I know that your all raver’s love the music and more, wake up every morning have a listen to hardcore when your back we’ll party like never before you and I united we'll rip up the dance-floor.
A mad man with a purpose

Never given any handouts my respect I had to gain every day was something different I play hard to win the game, in becoming MC Wotsee, MC Wotsee had to be, unique and very different with originality that raises me a question will I moan and complain if in twenty years time no-one remembers my name, like a mad man with a purpose there’s no way to prepare as my love for hardcore music is what I declare.

Sorry doesn’t cut it

Sorry doesn’t cut it, there’s an issue always there, you can crack a smile through anger, try to make out you don’t care, you can leave it, kick a fuss up, lose your head and go insane, plough into somebody just as fast as a train, breathe in deep and let your stress out, dig down deep you have to try, remember all the good times and forget what made you cry, can you see the point I’m making, can you feel the words I say, forget what’s round the corner and live for today.

Dreams come true

What’s the thing that makes me different stand away from all the rest is it
passion is it hunger or a will to be the best, I got focus and ambition leave
alone forbidden fruits I stand tall as an icon staying true to my roots all
my lyrics are so different I freestyle like no-one else you all no where I
come from doesn’t matter I’m welsh now I’ve won an award for the job that I do, I prove to everybody that dreams come true.

Heart and soul

I believe in what I stand for, I believe in who I am, I say everything I want
to, I’m a man whose got a plan, I got lyric variation I can pick up the speed as hardcore is my life it is what I believe all my fans are represented as they
feel the words I say if their rich or poor or famous if they straight or
even gay if their black or white or Asian if they work or claim the dole I’m
a true performer giving heart and soul.

Back to the future

Got my moral values what I think will never change, there’s a lot of things around me that can make me act strange, going back to the future gonna travel through time my very first booking my very first rhyme, so I want to be famous yeah I wanna be a star who'd have thought that simple lyric would have took me so far, on a journey on a mission that to me was not a shock a one way ticket on a trip to the top.

8 Mile

Its my life and no-one else’s what I do is what I do, I was born to be a winner I don’t lie its true, people stand and stare but listen then I see them grin and smile, cos I’m the British version of Rabbit in 8 mile, gimmicks ain’t a part of me my lyrics are deep I’m a Welshman so I’m dubbed to have a fetish for sheep through the hard times I get stronger I’ve seen heaven and hell this lyrical magicians started casting a spell.

I used imagination

Came from nowhere like a cyclone something new and not the same playing venue after venue I was like a hurricane, but the light got overshadowed it was dampened by a mist I used imagination turned out like this there’s no score I have to settle not a thing I have to prove I’m a winner plain and simple never play to lose if I want it I will get it I’m self centred if you like I prove to people who I am when I’m on the mic.

An everlasting dream

Drifting into semi consciousness an ever lasting dream will it turn into a nightmare will it make me want to scream, when I use imagination I paint pictures in my mind which form a hidden message that love is blind, all my dreams explain my future nightmares bring alive my past, my wife, my fame, my children or hitting the glass, when I wake up I remember bits and pieces from the night, there’s good times and there’s bad times when your high as a kite.

My mate Barno’s

I was twenty one and reckless not a care in my life so I started writing lyrics chatting them through a mic going round my mate barno's on his decks I learnt my trade a few years later I believe I’m made, so I love my entertaining it is what I live for, standing on the stage ripping up the dance floor, my legacy is written I’m a link in the chain, setting new standards is the name of the game.

£80 journey

Gonna have a party all my friends are coming round as were going on a journey only costing eighty pounds, got a pack from hardcore heaven got a strongbow in my hand I’m gonna get wasted just as bad as I planned, got some rizla in my wallet got some skunk inside my coat is somebody getting Charlie here's a fifty pound note, with no feeling in my body I will always crave for more I’m gonna lose my senses fall asleep on the floor.

Wotsee man

My mate came from a nightclub what he is saying is true, he said Wotsee man listen peoples copying you with their lyrics and their flowing and the way that they rhyme, plagiarism is respect but it’s also a crime, in my bedroom I’m creating everything that I do, funny lyrics when I’m happy sad ones when I’m blue, every week a little different something fresh and something new, I never tell lies what I say is true.

12 years later

I’ve gone back to Monday morning way back when in 89, there’s a tie that’s blue and purple and a blazer there both mine, ten past eight I’m really nervous sitting on my kitchen stool waiting for my mates for our first day in school, twelve years later the same feeling came and hit me again being small time in a big world working hard for a name, after years in school and music I became who I am now this leader is an icon and a man with a plan.

Violence, sex and drugs

What I do would never work I heard a lot of people say now I wonder where they are when I’m here today, all the things I say are very wrong, Violence, sex and drugs, stack the deck against me I’m the king of clubs, Jordan’s Tits, Girls Aloud and a bottle of rush, I’m the homerun hitter you just can’t touch, all the lyrics that have made me I worked to make my own, walking through the smoke and lights I done it alone.

Flip Reversal

Growing up was full of good times being free as can be going up to Brooklyn Heights with a fake ID, then the path that I set off on was a path I had to pave and Southern Exposure was my very first rave, for five years a based up raver many venues I would go, if an MC asked for whistles then I’d give my one a blow, now I’ve done a flip reversal I’m the one with the commands, hardcore is my life and it’s in all of my plans.

Hell to pay

Every statement that I ever make I’ve got a reason for, I compare the things we see in life, ain’t shutting the door like the narrow minded people from a different walk of life who don’t care about nobody just their kids and their wife, from the streets I learnt a lesson that respect don’t come for free and some people run their mouth coz their blind to see that the words you say are noted every minute every day, you cross the wrong person there’s hell to pay.

I won’t stay on the ground

My style is very different what I say is who I am from the time I was a nipper till the time I was a man, I kept plugging kept on trying never losing the plot if there’s something that I live for then I give it a shot, giving up is not an option once you quit it’s set in stone go and work towards your future it’s quite easy to moan, knock me down I’ll come back fighting I won’t stay on the ground, remember one thing what goes around comes around.

The ace in the pack

Love my status and my stature who you see is really me, I live for what I say every time I mc, always thinking writing lyrics it’s a dream I’ve got to chase to wipe the total smugness off a lot of peoples face, people call out my name sing along with my rhymes I don’t know how I do it playing with people’s minds, lyrics or freestyling I’m the ace in the pack now I’m going to hit the jackpot as it’s time to attack.

Type my name in google

Ain’t giving you an option there ain’t no choice can you hear all the aggression that’s in my voice, I’m a cocktail of emotions that’s about to explode, I’ve lived a crazy journey on a very long road, would I love to turn the clock back do a lot a different way no I wouldn’t what has happened gave me loads to say, If you type my name in google it’s plain to see telling people that you hate me means nothing to me.

Ready for Kaos

I’ve got a true awareness like I say I’m like no other loving music hard and fast have you checked out Huggermugger, the world is full of sins, I know all seven, in a hospital bed I heard a echo of heaven, I’m a hardcore mc get myself in the zone as living my life is like a world of unknown, Ive got a second sight put a message across coz I’m MC Wotsee and I’m ready for kaos.

A she male works in Tesco’s

Wait a second don’t I know that girl whose pushing a pram last night I saw her on the bus snorting a gram with her mother who appeared to be a bit of a milf living by her reputation she’s complete filth, what I see don’t ever shock me as I see it day to day there’s a she male works in Tesco’s that aint right no way, everything is for a reason if its love or hate I’m proclaiming to the masses I believe in fate.

Get off tag

Just got out of prison, I just seen him in town, head to toe in gold and silver all he needs is a crown, he said “Wotsee blad safe I respect your thing you’ve become a living legend on the prisons west wing, every inmate sings your lyrics when their smoking a fag, they’ll be at raves to see you when they get off tag” things like this does make me happy, things like this does make me smile as being MC Wotsee is so worthwhile.

Pulling the Trigger
Determined like a fighter I’m respected like a king as an mc with a passion whose doing my thing rocking parties full of raver’s every week I’m getting bigger, my barrels full of bullets now I’m pulling the trigger, when I look into the mirror I’m quite happy what I see though I’ve got the scars to prove how hard it is to be me, from the problems I’ve encountered I’ve turned and walked away, to work towards my targets each and every day.

A street wise lyric master

It’s so great to be an icon and I love the respect from a different breed of people most of who I’ve never met from the big time money earners to the kids whose doing time, they love the words I’m saying in a lyrical rhyme, I get stopped when at the bus stop even in the swimming pool, I’m a street wise lyric master not a jumped up fool, my job is what has made me, my job is what I love, am I getting better? You Knows it Bruv!!!

The final chapter

Christmas day unwrapping presents got my head in check, I was sobbing like a baby an emotional wreck, what was me had been demolished which way would I turn when I’m lying in a coffin and it starts to burn the games will all be over no more no less, as I close the final chapter on a life of stress, at this moment I’ve recovered with something to prove, through flames, death and heartbreak I refuse to lose.

I thrive off Jealous people

There’s more to life than music but I love the things I do, when the time is right to end it I’ll do something new, innovation is a part of me it’s in my family tree though I’m still not as successful as I’m wanting to be, I thrive off jealous people they can’t do the things I do if you think I’ve got a problem that problem’s you! As I mind my own business I’m a bit of a loon, just wait for the explosion it’s coming soon.

Strike three and your out

I’m as real as real could ever be not fiction at all, I keep climbing up the ladder never wanting to fall, I believe in second chances, Strike three and your out I’m a scumbag and I know what I am on about, I’ve got mates who’ve gone doo lally I’ve got mates that’s sat in jail but I know they all support me never want me to fail, as I step into the spotlight what you see is what you get, I’ve done quite well but I’m not done yet.

Anger management

Anger management is something that’s become a way of life as it’s easy solving problems with a bottle or a knife, from the world I see around me my beliefs are very strong, for every good deed there’s a lot more wrong, people fighting for a taxi seems to happen all the time, call it entertainment or a serious crime but for what we see and do in life here’s my advice, do the things you want to and don’t think twice.


The road to recovery has taken place, now the mic’s in my hand and I’m in your face, ten times better than before has it caused a shock, I’m the only mc whose been Robocop, being bathed by my parents was as low as it got, if you talk about nightmares I’ve had the lot, flashing lights, injections, operations and more, I’m back on the stage living life for hardcore.

In these words

I’ve got friends that’s pretty streetwise but there’s others who are nerds, everything I know about me is in these words – talent, focussed, mad, determined, individual, hardcore, eccentric, fashion, passion and a whole lot more, my aim in life is simple I’ve got loads to say as my hatred for some people gets me through each day, here I am I stay what I’ve always been simply Newport’s biggest talent the lyric machine.

Like I’m bothered

I don’t waffle I’m constructive in the things that I write, there’s some subjects I wont touch on but there’s others I might, always thinking what I’m saying with a message to send, have I had a hard life? Am I round the bend? People diss me like I’m bothered I’ll keep changing the trends, I don’t surf around the internet looking for friends, in my life I’ve seen the things you’d only see on tv, determined sound and funny well that’s just me.

Into the darkside

If you talk about the underworld believe I’ve seen it all I’ve seen gangsters run the city till the day I seen them fall, I’ve seen drugs and prostitution I’ve been offered a slave so I put this in my lyrics when I come to a rave, I’m standing here as someone who has made it on his own with an image I’ve created and a microphone, now I’ve crossed into the darkside I’ve gone back to my roots, believe there ain’t noboddy who can lace my boots.

What will tomorrow bring

Trials and tribulations I get sick of playing games when I show I got some power people call me names say I’m jealous of achievements and I’m showing fear, that’s funny I’ve set standards my whole career, here I am a living legend, I’m a lyric superstar, I get proud when hearing people play my sets in their car, but I ask myself a question it is quite a simple thing, today is pretty good what will tomorrow bring.

Mr bigshot

Want to live my life want to try and be me, your talk is pretty cheap but then a try is free can you handle all the pressure, were you born to entertain, the praise will make you happy the hate will bring you pain, I get phone calls I get messaged I get followed in town, don’t surround myself with people whose noses are brown, now you’ve got an insight to what my life is like so come on mr bigshot come and take my mic.


My life is at a crossroads I don’t know which way to go as my heart keeps saying yes, it’s my head that’s saying no, in the way of which I’m feeling I don’t know what to do as for every time I’m happy it’s too good to be true, blow by blow I have recovered in my life I had to learn if you want to make it happen don’t wait your turn so I’ve wiped away my tears I don’t live in fear, I ain’t cruising got my foot down I’m in top gear.

Don’t make the front page

Stare into space, you’ll be amazed what you see, it’s a world that’s realistic not the one on tv, your mate is looking worried, his record ain’t clean, he’s had sex with twenty hookers now his piss is green, when walking down an alley there’s a needle on the floor, that don’t make nobody solid, it don’t make them hardcore, petrol bombing, mugging grannies and a lot of road rage, a day to day occurrence that don’t make the front page.

Second Take

Never lie to you its simple what I say is what I mean, I remember all the things I've said and places I've been, now I'm older and I'm wiser my life’s a second take, there’s loads of things real there's some others fake so I've lived my life with money I've lived life when pretty poor now I know there’s certain things I’ve gotta keep fighting for, as I look out of the window see the world drift by, there’s noboddy gonna stop me and that’s no lie.

No grace in defeat

Educated to a level in a class, on the street, that has taught me many lessons there’s no grace in defeat, dealing drugs can make you money just never get caught or your suited and your booted for a day in court, you could have a drinking problem, you could sleep on a step, you could wear designer clothing for your status and rep, you could fight at football matches, rob houses at night, I wont tell you what to do but then some others might.

Respect and pride

Won’t copy no-one's lyrics every word I say is mine, I'm the fastest in this business every word I say will rhyme, I've done gabba I've done techno, I've lost count of even more, the style that I'm the best at is the sounds of hardcore, there's no style I can't adopt to there's no beat I cannot ride as my life’s not about money just respect and pride, being the best is not a pipe dream I believe in what I say, my fan base keeps on growing I'll have my day.

Hate my voice

My critics hate the words I say but do I even care, their all muppets who get bullied they can stand and stare, the words I say are real I’ve made my choice, they can hate me for my clothes they can hate my voice, every word I say is true how I live what I see, when I buy designer clothing they upgrade their pc, my fan base is specific and it’s growing a lot now on every major flyer I deserve my spot.

Putting others first

Pray to god quite often but I never go to church as there’s things I have to deal with there so deep my head hurts, I'd love to sit back watch the bubble burst, there’s mistakes I can't redeem by putting others first, I'm straight to the point, I put my heart on the line, ain't going round in circles as I ain't got time, love and hate is just a feeling always bringing me pain, on the lips of loads of people now is my name.
Ain’t up my own ass

Sounding quite distinctive with my voice and style I’m always working with a vision to be top of the pile, from the flyers to the tapepacks and a whole lot more, I’m like a world class striker I love to score, always walking round my hometown with my head held high, the success that I’ve got is simply coz I try, I’m approachable and friendly I ain’t up my own ass, I’m living for the future now the past has passed.

Scum of the earth

All this sickness pain and suffering I’m seeing everywhere makes me raise the simple question “does anyone care” we must work a little harder but for all that it’s worth loads of people tend to think that I’m the scum of the earth, that’s a statement that upsets me, it’s a shot to the knee, people only see the things they want to see in me, I’m quite caring, I’m quite sharing but I have my little moans, people in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones.

I don’t live a fairytale

Show a lot of courage I don’t live a fairytale, I won’t back you in a corner with emotional blackmail, when the rain beats on my window I do feel a lot of pain, I’ve seen loads of different people flush their life down the drain, hypocrites often offend me their behaviour isn’t right I ignore a lot of things to have the time of my life, I hear voices, I make choices, I accept what I’ve done, all I say to everybody is have some fun.

Talk the talk

Got a new image, attitude as well as I’ve put it all behind me, my personal hell, now I’m out of control I wear my heart on my sleeve I’m sending raver’s all a message that I know they receive, I can talk the talk I walk the walk, I always strut my stuff, if I thought I wasn’t special I would give it all up, I’m a knight in shining armour through the good and the bad now I live for being happy, hate being sad.

Newport scumbag

Born and bread a Newport scumbag there’s so much I have to share, I wear croc and Aquascutum and I shave off my hair, face the best and beat the rest but hate a lot that I see, now I’ve even watched a porno where the soundtrack’s me, offered freebies by a hooker as she says I’m the man, there’s a tramp who was a raver offering me his last can, it’s respect but entertaining everything I see and do, it’s not a bed of roses, if you only knew.
Worked my fingers to the bone

Controversial in my school days as an mc still the same always mixing fun and humour in a life that’s full of pain from my first welsh word to get a token yaith to my final kiss and cuddle with my own dream wife, all the teachers who did hate me hear from kids I'm still the same thought you said I'd be a bin man not a star with fame, 96 when you expelled me I wont ever forget I worked my fingers to the bone for years to earn my respect.

The real world

Rocky’s diced with diesel, that’s all glucose it ain’t speed you ain’t streetwise so accept your never gonna succeed, bought yourself a dodgy ten bag only got two spliffs, look your mothers got the munchies, ten packets of crisps, can't believe you went and bought that battered stolen phone, it can't even get reception or a ringing tone, mate come with me I'll show you something quite absurd, just stand back in amazement it's the real world.
Times a healer

Accept it's finally over do not kill yourself no more, yes your hearts a thousand pieces there all over the floor, being strong will get you through it, being weak will make you choke, all the plans and dreams you had have now gone up in smoke so they say that times a healer, do you think that's really true, bite the bullet, just accept there’s quite a lot you can do, be precise in your decisions you can do it on your own as problems last forever if you whinge and moan.

It’s never too late

I’ve protected certain people all I did was live and learn that some things don’t go away they come back and burn as my life is like a surfers I keep riding the tide, always looking for the answers trying to clear my mind, do these people really know what I’ve been through, I refuse to be a liar, I’m straight and true, I repay a debt or favour I step up to the plate just to prove to everybody it’s never too late.

I still won’t move

Danced the trip to Trumpton, sung aloud to set you free as I’ve lived a life with music, lived a life that’s me, 4 years old I hit the stage singing loud and clear though until September 98 I still had fear, learnt a trade inside a bedroom then I took it to a club, people always try to stop me but I ain’t no mug now the hero of Welsh raver’s stands up here to prove if you push, pull or shove me I still won’t move.

If looks could kill

If I tell you that I love you then I’m needing you to see, that I’m always like a Rubik’s Cube and this is me but if looks could kill I’ve died a thousand times, there’s so many hidden statements in a lot of my rhymes, I can underline my history trying hard is what I do, all I want is pretty simple being close to you, never walk away frustrated I just stop and breath deep, I’ve found a lot of things in life I need to keep.

Changed their mind

I’ve had loads of different critics who have hated me so much till they heard me say a lyric that made them rush then they tell a lot of people they've changed their mind, MC Wotsee is a legend he's one of a kind, I've been stalked by different people I have fans that are extreme in the towns and different venues at the raves I've been, its respect I'm only after there’s a bit of confusion, my life is pretty real it's not an illusion.

Taught in school

Drunken tramps sat on a pavement there’s a bus stop full of chavs, there’s a terrace full of scumbags but you know their top lads, drug addiction all around us, there’s a bullet up his nose, prisons overcrowded, that’s how it goes, every street has got a dealer, every street has got a thief, your next door neighbour’s tattoo’s of a ganja leaf, stolen goods are always cheaper, lighting fires is pretty cool, these are all the things I got taught in school.  

Thursday nights

It is wicked going clubbing when your only in your teens, I remember Thursday nights I'd get wrecked in queens to the sounds of happy hardcore as the DJ was my mate, pull a minger on the dance floor from a council estate, get the munchies go to boomers get a taxi make it home, there was nothing called the internet or texts on your phone, smoking skunk was too expensive yet the rocky was cheap, these are all my distant memories I will always keep.

Homer Simpson

I might drink like Homer Simpson, I wear gold just like the mayor, all I do is cause reaction making people stare as my fame has got it’s drawbacks but it has a lot of highs, I’m a fan of sexy women if they’ve got strong thighs, people ask me loads of questions, it’s quite mad what people say, to the people in the chippy I’m a superstar DJ, I laugh, I cry, I smile, I frown, it’s clear as can be that I wouldn’t change a second being MC Wotsee.


God can only judge me there are rumours I endure, I won’t follow any leader I’m much stronger than before, climbing up the social ladder made me learn quite a lot, I’m a Judas, I’m a tosser, is that all that you’ve got, yeah I go with the flow, I’m always stealing the show, if you don’t know what I mean then you won’t ever know, every time I leave my bed I’m giving all that I can, all I ask is will you take me for the guy that I am.

No way you can fail

As a soldier your quite nervous when you open your mail, when your running through the desert there's no way you can fail, dirty water, heavy bags and bullets skimming your ass, when your brothers watching Tricia getting high smoking grass, but around here there are people who still live in the dark as the closest to a war they've been was Somerton Park, for our soldiers dotted round the world this one is for you, keep doing what your doing respect is due.

Serial Killer

MC Wotsee raises questions welcome to my lyric show, trouble always seems to follow me wherever I go, I can play the waiting game if the schedules tight must have been a serial killer in a previous life, people think they know about me but they do not know a thing, one day I’ll find a queen I will be her king, when I look across the street there’s so much that I see, loads of stuff is in my locker but there ain’t no key.

Life like a bum

Don’t want to get a job are you right or wrong, when your mates sit in an office your home smoking a bong but you need to leave the house and sign on today, it’s the only downside of the JSA, now they say they’ve stopped your money watch the boxes they tick so you go and break a finger get a note for “the sick” your vision’s pretty blinkered but your days are quite fun, if you owe nobody money you can live like a bum.


I don’t face the paparazzi I get followed still the same I bet half a million people out there know my name from a flyer or a poster that they’ve seen stuck on the wall, if the Ghostbusters can’t help me then who do I call, so I’ve lived the lowest low and lived the highest high, is my life an anticlimax till the day that I die, Now I’m hyper full of energy dynamic as well but I’m angry and I’m pissed off now as you can tell.

The Other Side

The streets are pretty dangerous you must fight to survive, stolen trainers, fake coats, do you live the other side, there’s so much that’s very evil but a lot that’s very good, have you ever done much better than you thought that you could, falling down is pretty easy, getting up is pretty hard, someone always tries to chin you if you stand off guard, it’s quite hard but just accept it all your plans will un hatch, but one day in life your finally gonna meet your match.

Live the dream

I’ve lived a dream a thousand times it still ain’t coming real, people crawl out of the woodwork that is just the way I feel, all the issues that surround me to me do not mean a thing, when I’m vicious and I’m angry, there’s so much that I bring to the table that I’m standing at, there’s things I need to do, if you ever screw me over it gets done to you, there’s some people who may love me but some others hate me more, just come and make my day and watch this lion roar.

Smirnoff Ice

Think its gonna last a lifetime but then heaven only knows, I’m much stronger than I’ve credit for but that’s how it goes, there’s some people that I hate but what’s it really about, after twenty Smirnoff Ice’s it will all come out, live a day as MC Wotsee and you soon will tell that I’m not a prototype I do my job real well, it’s misfortune that I thrive on it is only a game now my mind’s my biggest weapon, have I gone insane?

Twice been dead

Mark of the devil, sixth sense and more that makes me stand out as a talent that’s unique and raw, as a kid my special classes helped me deal with pain, taught me flying off the handle wouldn’t happen again, I repress a lot of anger till my face goes red, I don't know how I'm still breathing as I've twice been dead, still ain’t proud of certain feelings as they never go away it’s past, present, future, doing things my way.

Take things to the grave

Through the 80's and the 90's I learnt loads along the way now I think I've made my mark I've got things to say, a public enemy to people who just haven’t got a clue but a superstar and hero to the kids who sniff glue, I can walk through the park and get offered respect, I will take things to the grave with me I'll never forget, from the first time I drunk cider hiding on the train tracks, I made myself a promise always stick to the facts.
Tooth for tooth

Don’t be blind to what's around you take a look and you will see there’s a rise in crime of people spiked with GHB, there’s so much that often happens people walk on by but the streets are getting worse police can only try to enforce the law and order make the world a safer place, if somebody rapes your sister you slash his face so a tooth for tooth a life for life the way that it should be, do people feel like this or is it only me.

Rule the world

Sometimes I hate myself for these mistakes that I’ve made, a bitter taste is in my mouth from this path I’ve paved, if your card’s been marked your knowing what I say, I don’t want to rule the world, well at least not today, I’ve touched the hearts of many people like I always will, now my boots are pretty big and they’re hard to fill so I think I’ve got the answers but really I don’t if I say I’ll never give up then believe me I won’t.

Nutter’s sister

That guy’s broken his cheekbone couldn’t hazard a guess how he got up off the pavement as his face was a mess, the connection was amazing how I struggled to look as the click sounded like thunder, an exceptional hook, he deserved it, it was coming just like puss from a blister, don’t even give the big one she’s the nutter’s sister, five pumps a squirt of pleasure but a lifetime full of pain, the hit list has been written, at the tops his name.

I ain’t perfect

All the things I done I had to some were right and others wrong, as a character I’m someone with beliefs that’s very strong, I ain’t perfect never have been and I know I never will, there’s feelings deep within me that I know I have to kill, I hear rumours and the gossip, sometimes fall in the trap where I get so mad and angry that I have to fire back, what I think is pretty simple and I know what I must do, respect me and I know that I will respect you.

Down on my luck

My life is pretty normal till I get myself a mic then so many things will change into a parallel life, I get stalked by different women, I get men ring on my phone but its 25 past 6 why cant they leave me alone, if it’s all about the glory am I playing a game where my friends all turn their back coz they can’t share in my fame, I’ve been down on my luck, I know that things go wrong but the world is always spinning that’s how I keep strong.

We all consider murder

Never walk away from something, face your problems head on, strength and passion underline if you are weak or strong, everybody has an enemy someone they want to die, if you say your life is perfect your living a lie as we all consider murder at some point in our life, hold a gun and feel the power as you sharpen a knife, using weapons isn’t clever put them back and get a plan, paint a bigger picture be the bigger man.

League of my own

Certain things I had were lucky but then others simply weren’t as mistakes came back to haunt me, played with fire, got burnt, the respect I’ve earnt I live for I do most things in my zone, back it up and bring it in a league of my own, I’m a hero, I’m a legend got my plans well in my sight, can’t explain the awesome feeling I get up on the mic, live the stage and love the stage as it is all I can do, you can say I’m living proof that dreams come true.

Sort your head out quick

You've been out of work for ages now the pressures kicking in smoking rollies in your kitchen with a bottle of gin, haven’t shaved for a week you ain’t considered a bath, if you think that I'd employ you then your having a laugh, filth and squalor is disgusting sort your head out quick, there’s no water in your toilet in your sink is sick, you must show you have emotions lose your vacant stares, feeling sorry for yourself mate no-one cares.

Making no excuses

Snatched defeat away from victory cannot turn the clock back, living through the lies and gossip I’m fiction not fact, everybody thinks they know me this is now, this is me, it is time to ease the pressure to be what I must be, don’t you hear me when I say it’s time to go my own way, I often wonder why there’s nothing left to say, now I’m making no excuses as the story goes on, don’t pray for me it’s simple as my head has gone.

Glass Windows

Broke a few glass windows always speak from the heart, I’ve got to get things in perspective so where do I start, I’ve got my own cult following, I live and let live from the time I heard the doctors say “three minutes to live”, don’t put nothing ever past me all them people speaking crap, think their big and pretty clever, want a pat on the back? If you open your mind it’s quite clear to see what I say is what I mean, you can’t get rid of me.

Would you really want this?

Being me for a week, oh no you wouldn’t want that, all your girlfriends would get hassled, most your friends would turn their back, in the toilets you'd get stared at when your taking a piss, think I'm joking for a second, would you really want this, I’m the icon of the lowlife, I'm prepared for the worst, there’s five girls who had a bet to see who'd bed me first so don't ever judge a person till you know them quite well as I’ll laugh in your face and you can go to hell.

Dig a little deeper

Standing here my head is spinning, people say that I’m scum coz I ain’t into people’s sisters, I’m more into their mum, there’s nobody that I’m scared of, very few I respect, I’ve made a lot of different statements none of which I regret, to be better than my hero’s is the thing I have to do, got to dig a little deeper, show my passion is true, there’s no act of desperation in the way I live my life, now some people say I’m crazy but they just ain’t right.

Hometown Superstardom

Hometown superstardom you could say that it's great like when a bin man stops to tell me that he think's I've lost weight, recognised when at the dentist even school kids know my name, I do everything I want to I don't have no shame, Does free food or cheaper taxi's show a mark of respect, I've got my name and reputation I will fight to protect, I'm a pure attention grabber, don't know where to begin as I'm just a normal person but a lyrical King.

There’s no I in team

People think I’m controversial if they know what I mean as I don’t care about nobody, there’s no I in team, all these politics surround me coz I’m just too good, I think a lot of grief I get is from the place I’m stood, I keep looking for a reason why so much goes wrong, overcoming dark depressions coz I’m just too strong as my life is full of pressure I got something to say, that I’m always gonna keep on fighting that is my way.

The penny’s dropped

So I’ve woke up to what’s happened now there’s something on my mind, you could even say the penny’s dropped no answers to find, people keep on acting clever now the end of the line is the place that their approaching now it is my time, I’m too driven, I’m too focussed and I’ve changed for the worst but the truth is pretty simple, I put myself first as for now it’s all about me that’s the way it should be as I’m gonna tell the world exactly what I see.

The system didn’t beat me

Your job is in the balance but you just don’t care because your mrs went and left you, went and had an affair, now your car and house is going, it’s a flat and the bus, she hasn’t left a single penny just a dose of thrush, now your selling stolen trainers to some guys like me coz you want to be a gangster, this is not tv, spent your wages in the bookies thinking what you can do, I think the system didn’t beat me but it sure beat you.

What’s it like to be an icon

I could tell the world a story, would it really understand, what its like to be an icon, always be in demand, so some nights I stay up thinking coz I’ve got a big plan, pledged allegiance to some people, people know who I am, I wont ever break a promise, I wont ever sell my soul, different faces, different names coz now my life’s on a roll, I don’t even scratch the surface all I wants a good time, there’s so much I’d love to know about this life that’s mine.

Face your maker

People say I’m pretty evil, got two scars that’s on my head, I once flatlined then recovered, I’m the living dead, if you want to face your maker take a look into my eyes as one day a lot of people’s gonna get a surprise, empty threats to me mean nothing you won’t see me run away you can find me pretty easy if you’ve something to say now I’ve been there and I’ve done it am I coming for you coz if you really piss me off you can believe it’s true.

Pleasure and Pain

Before I found the mic I would just drift through the days with student loans or on the giro always making a raise, with no money had my problems every day was pretty tight but one thing my mother taught me things will be alright, with my car, my clothes, my money and my talent and my fame I believe I know what’s pleasure and I know what’s pain, in the future I’ll remember what I’ve done and what I’ve said as for now I know I’m living but I’ll end up dead.

Product of society

Can’t express the way your feeling you just burst into life, there’s two sides to every story one will cut like a knife, you can’t ever go back one thing is clear, you’re a product of society whose dreams all disappear, when you think your world is crumbling get the fire in your heart, make your heartbeat so irregular that it flies off the chart, if you take a load of tablets people then won’t pull your strings, this world is full of roundabouts but loads more swings.

Controversy makes cash

I make my snap decisions, most the things I do are rash as I live by my own statement “controversy makes cash” I bide my time for ages always tend to sit tight till I spot myself an opening when the time is right, so we all do forward planning what we do and where we go, I’ve done many things in life not many people know, got a hidden agenda? Saying what I see, what I say is pretty simple, do you love or hate me???

Being lonely’s getting easy

Now I live a crazy mystery but I have to stick it out, always known the things I wanted it’s beyond all doubt, with my secrets, my obsessions, there’s a pain that’s in my heart, can I hold on any longer, I don’t know where to start, self esteem is what has made me, I keep telling myself that being lonely’s getting easy just like life in itself so I’ve made a lot of chances, took so many over time but my finest day is yet to come, I’ll get what’s mine.

Loads of people lie

All the things I know I stand for shows this world I’m a threat as I don’t ever forgive and I don’t ever forget as nothing’s ever plain and simple, nothing’s ever cut and dry as I learnt the truth the hard way loads of people lie, I remember things so clearly is it worth fighting for all I need’s a simple answer, have I done it before, with this mind of my own I know that time will tell is it gonna last forever till I wave farewell.

Worse than yours

Rub my eyes in disbelief but what can I say there’s twenty crack heads in a pub because it’s giro day, I keep laughing to myself because I think it’s a game, there’s twenty grannies at the bus stop smoking fags in the rain, now I’ve got this funny feeling that some lives are torn apart, can you try and rise above it, every shot to the heart, never buckle under pressure live your days with a cause as a lot of people’s lives are so much worse than yours.

Won’t ever bother me

Change in life don’t ever scare me I’m pursuing a dream, I see a crop of different people of that crop I’m the cream, there’s so much that’s hard to deal with so I force out a smile, death and prison took my buddies, they’ve been gone a while, you can say that I’m a wanker that won’t ever bother me, go and earn five pound an hour, take a look and see that the guy you stand their slating, heard this slating before, if you want to throw some insults I can throw many more.

The Bomb

To some girls I might be second best, to others I’m the bomb, if you think I’m only human then believe your wrong, I’ve got courage and commitment, never have a change of heart, got my list of different enemies now where do I start ? so I always speak the truth but stay alone with my tears as I’m a threat to loads of people I don’t have no fears, I don’t want to hear you lying I deserve more than that, I’ve been blind and pretty foolish and I know that’s fact.

New story

It is time to roll your sleeves up just to show that you care coz people never understand what is an act of despair, can you write a new story now your way out of touch because the nightmare that your living never seems too much, if your heart is always beating show the rest of the world that you’ve got a million reasons why you want the last word, don’t forget the things your doing, don’t forget who you are, got to keep on track and winning, you can go real far.

If I live or die tomorrow

All the things that I’ve accomplished makes it hard to try explain every day I live my life I’m just a link in the chain so will my life get any better there’s a lot that’s on my mind, I won’t run away from nothing I’ve got answers to find, thought that everything was perfect then the words all came out wrong as commitment is important that’s the way that I keep strong, nasty things are said about me but I’ll always stay the same, if I live or die tomorrow I was always the game.

One man

People say that I’m a legend am I really all that, I ain’t dead till I’m forgotten so believe that’s fact, if one man can make a difference then that man is me as love and hate and people worried are the things I see, if tomorrows not an option and today’s my very last then revenge will be my mission, settling scores from the past, always gonna make things happen so just open your eyes as my rise to where I’m going will not be a surprise.

Win, lose or draw

The survival of the fittest, it’s the game of life, if you don’t know MC Wotsee he was born to fight for the things that he believes in and a whole lot more as everyday might be a game, is it win, lose, draw, so I say the things I want, I share my point of view and I won’t ever fall apart as that ain’t what I do, so some things are hard to deal with, hate is such a strong word, now I’m shouting from the rooftops that I want to be heard.

Cash Converters

Got a cocaine addiction but you say you feel fine, selling things down cash converters just to buy you a line as your cupboards are all empty and your money has gone but being famous for a day doesn’t mean your wrong, now to catch the wild excitement that a line can only give, do you know your kids get bullied from the life that you live, everybody has their problems very real but still a shame as nothings gonna change there’s only you to blame.

Wotsee way

Stop running your mouth I think it’s time to see it takes some work and dedication to be good like me, what I’ve got has cost me money, effort, time and loads of friends, am I gonna get much better well that just depends on my fitness and my talent and the way I show the world you can be the things you want to, you can take my word, to the dreamers and believers this is all I have to say, don’t let anybody stop you live the Wotsee way.

Clutching at straws

Every lyric is a story, every story is my life, always done my own things always bringing the fight, if you give me fifty pence I’ll go and make it a pound, I'll run as fast as I can as I don’t want to be found, got to live my life in glory, stop on thinking too much of all the different straws that I am trying to clutch, got my money in my pocket have I seen it before because the pressure keeps on growing, I can’t take any more.

Stuck inside

For everyone who loves me there’s a hater still the same, all the things I say I live for see’s me stuck inside a game, there’s a devil stuck inside of me I’ll never escape, every day is always different as my life is taking shape, I’m a role model and mentor I just want to live my life, now I think the tide is turning and I’m ready to fight, people stare in admiration all I need is a sign, there’s some things that overpower me but I’m feeling fine.  

Power of will

Gonna open your eyes up, a mission to the dark side, what you gonna do it’s now time to decide as every once in a while you’ve got to crack out a smile, now this world is about image and your flair and style, I believe in hard luck stories every now and again but if they stick you on an Asbo your a link in the chain, always search for the truth and show the power of will as day by day your getting stronger there’s no time to kill.

Box of chocolates

The dream is never ending as it’s how you live each day, your in love with someone&rsqu