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Saturday @
3pm-4pm Kyle Young ***
5pm-7pm Salford Seshments - Jimmy Hypa ***
7pm-8pm Daniel Seven ***
8pm-9pm Dj Reflux ***
10pm-11pm DJ Fusion ***
Forthcoming Releases:
Recent Releases:

Apr 10, 2015: (£5)

Smiling Corpse 2

Mar 9, 2015: (£11.99)

Who's Got The Stamina?!

Feb 9, 2015: (£15)

This Is Powerstomp 2

Jan 20, 2015: (£12)

M-Project - Project:Powerstomp

Nov 10, 2014: (£10)

The Bassline Presents: Little Man, Big Fight

Upcoming Events:

May 1, 2015: Manchester

TLI - 11th Birthday

May 2, 2015: Leeds

Stomp! Trek

May 9, 2015: Northampton

H.A.S Event 6

May 15, 2015: Newcastle

Kian Fest 2

June 19, 2015: Magaluf

HTID In the Maga Sun

July 25, 2015: Long Eaton

HB8 - A Hard Barginn Summer Special

August 8, 2015: Northampton

H.A.S Summer Special Event 7

Hardcore Podcasts

Greg Peaks

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Hard Beats Collective Show week 22: Greg Peaks
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RSS / iTunes


01. Jon Doe - D4B      D
02. Pero - Above The Sky      Impact Digital
03. Bryan Kearney - Ridiculous       Kearney Recordings
04. Chris Comben - Hear This       Fireball Recordings
05. Technikal feat. Phil Reynolds - Reflex       Masif Records
06. Stimulant DJs vs. Mark Kavanagh - Legitmate (Paul Maddox Remix)       Stimulant Records
07. Stimulant DJs - Countdown (Lab 4 Remix)       Stimulant Records
08. Obie - Fabric Of Time (Darwins Hard Trance Remix)       Strictly For The Purist
09. Asa & S1 - The Future Is Ours       Nu Energy
10. Visionary - Taste The Funk (Cube::Hard Remix)       Stompin Choonz
11. Capella - U Got 2 Let The Music (K-Complex, Voycey & Douglas Remix)       Nukleuz
12. Cynista & Safe N Sound - Chemical Warfare       Nu Energy
13. *TUNE OF THE WEEK* Douglas Feat. Rhona - FM-220 (Endemic Remix)       Nu Energy
14. *WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE* Peaks & Pinnacle vs. A.B - Robogoat       F/C Strength In Numbers
15. *BLAST FROM THE PAST* Arkitech vs.Double Decka - Life Is A Construct       Kaotik

Podcast download:

Hard Beats Collective Show week 9: Greg Peaks
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01. Sc@r & Tom Revolution - Into The Night      Raw Elements
02. Kevin Energy - Take Me Up (Arkitech Remix)       Nu Energy 100
03. DJ Shimamura - Acid MF!       Traxxx
04. DJ Pinnacle - Drop One (VIP Mix)       F/C Trackmaster
05. A.B & Amplitude - Mambo       F/C Stamina
06. Nick 235 & Narkotik - The Chant       F/C Stamina
07. Breeze & Styles - Sonic (Kevin Energy Remix)       My Rave
08. Ponder - Alignment (Greg Peaks' Ultra Violet Remix)       F/C "World Heavyweight Freeform" Rebuild Music
09. Obie - Mechanoid       F/C Strictly For The Purist
10. Douglas - Say Something       Nu Energy
11. [WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE] Transcend - Upwards       F/C Watchtower
12. [BLAST FROM THE PAST] Gammer - Can't Compete       Relentless
13. Peaks, Pinnacle & Douglas - Gliese Beat       F/C "World Heavyweight Freeform" Rebuild Music
14. Endemic - Investatron 3000       F/C Stamina
15. Peaks & Pinnacle - With The DJ       CDR
16. [TUNE OF THE WEEK] Transcend - Mindglow       F/C "World Heavyweight Freeform" Rebuild Music
17. Carbon Based - Tuonela       FINRG

Podcast download:

NuEnergy Collective Show week 98: Greg Peaks
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RSS / iTunes


01. Ponder - Alignment     Worldwide Freeform Album     Rebuild Music
02. Fracus & Darwin - Realms & Rough Cuts    Hardcore Underground
03. Pinnacle & Prospect - Zombie Nightclub     CDR
04. A.B & Douglas - Moment     Nu Energy
05. Endemic - H109 (Greg Peaks Remix)     Nu Energy
06. Technikal - Heaven's Touch (Kevin Energy Remix)     Technikal Recordings
07. Douglas feat. Rhona - Dreams Of Chaos     F/C Nu Energy
08. Kevin Energy & Solution - Eternal Shadows     Nu Energy
09. DJ RX feat. Johlea - My Serenity (Endemic Remix)     Nu Energy
10. Kevin Energy & Proteus - London Helsinki (K-Complex Remix)     Nu Energy
11. Obie - Sessions (Kevin Energy & A.B Remix)     Sructly For The Purist - Real Talk Album
12. Lost Soul - Mysterious Stranger     Nu Energy
13. Harry H & Equilibrium - Anything Is Possible (A.B's Rockstar Intro Remix)     Nu Energy Digital
14. Greg Peaks - Rock Somebody       Rebuild Music
15. Lost Soul feat. Dark Angel - Beyond Salvation     Nu Energy
16. Transcend & Greg Peaks - Cosmic     CDR
17. Ephexis, Helikaon & Erik De Grijze - Exploder     Nu Energy Digital
18. Kevin Energy - Freeform Will Never Die (Bonkers Remix)     Nu Energy

Approaching hardcore as a DJ in 2008, Greg has been working on several musical projects that will see him push the boundaries of rave music as we know it. Thinking outside the box and applying all the know how of years spent listening to the evolution of dance music it is only a matter of time before he has reached out to everyone who knows about hard dance and high speed hardcore. Taking on a different approach to DJing than most DJs, Greg has developed a style that is both crowd pleasing and technically brilliant. Whilst never planning a set he manages to create a flow that takes his floor to plains never before ventured. This sound ranges from deep trance melodies to powerful vocals and lush piano riffs, serious rave chord progressions and euphoric harmonies.

It is no wonder he has been hailed as one of the most talented DJs of the moment. Greg is stirring mayhem on all the dancefloors he graces; his attitude and energy behind the decks gets the most raved-out of clubbers back on the floor screaming for more, and his quick-fire mixing and no nonsense techniques have fired energy and uncontrollable frenzy into every hand raised in the air. To top it all off, this is only the beginning.



Facebook: facebook.com/gregpeaks