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Lady Brock

Well I’ve always loved dance music and always will, but got into hardcore at about 16 so around 2001/2002 my first CD being bonkers 1. I was all about the core for along while but my music tastes are now very diversified. My sound is classic freeform hardcore with a drum and bass twist but I also like a lot of upfront hardcore which is bouncy and hard.

I listen to all kinds of music though I think its important to keep an open mind as this is where you find new sounds. I also play DNB and hard dance and electro but its expensive buying all them vinyl so i stick to my one true love until i can get a second CDJ.

I Purchased my first set of decks in 2007 and played here and there, I stopped for a while for various reasons but after going to Freeformation in may 2008 decided I wanted to put a lot of time and effort into mixing and see where it takes me. So you could say Freeformation was my inspiration, the DJs there just completely blow me away every time and the event itself is one of the best there is IMO.

I have many influences just a few to name would be Kevin energy, sharkey, Scar, Flame, solution, cally cage, brookes brothers but there are way too many to mention.




Dontstayin:  dontstayin.com/members/lb-htwad

Email / MSN:  claire_brocklesby[at]hotmail.com