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Apr 10, 2015: (£5)

Smiling Corpse 2

Mar 9, 2015: (£11.99)

Who's Got The Stamina?!

Feb 9, 2015: (£15)

This Is Powerstomp 2

Jan 20, 2015: (£12)

M-Project - Project:Powerstomp

Nov 10, 2014: (£10)

The Bassline Presents: Little Man, Big Fight

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May 1, 2015: Manchester

TLI - 11th Birthday

May 2, 2015: Leeds

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H.A.S Event 6

May 15, 2015: Newcastle

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June 19, 2015: Magaluf

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July 25, 2015: Long Eaton

HB8 - A Hard Barginn Summer Special

August 8, 2015: Northampton

H.A.S Summer Special Event 7

Hardcore Podcasts

Hardcore Underground

Hardcore Underground is not just one of the best hardcore labels around, it's also a series of events, five albums, and a group of the most talented producers / DJ's in the scene.

You can get all the previous releases from Amazon or HardbeatsDownload, clips can be found on the official Hardcore Underground Soudcloud.

Follow the HU crew on Facebook and join the HU Show Fanpage.

For a ton of free tracks, all the latest HU info and much more, visit the offical website:

Show Schedule

07/09/11 - Fracus 19/10/11 - Thumpa 30/11/11 - Guest DJ *HH Awards*
14/09/11 - Sam B 26/10/11 - Fracus 07/12/11 - Thumpa
21/09/11 - Entity 02/11/11 - Entity 14/12/11 - Fracus
28/09/11 - Fracus & Darwin *HU5 Launch * 09/11/11 - Sam B 21/11/11 - Entity
05/10/11 - Darwin 16/11/11 - Darwin 28/11/11 - Fracus & Darwin *NYE Show*
12/10/11 - Torpex 23/11/11 - Torpex


DJ Thumpa HU Show - 04 May 2011
DJ Thumpa HU Show - 15 June 2011
DJ Darwin HU Show 06 Jul 2011
DJ Thumpa HU Show - 19 Oct 2011

DJ Darwin

DJ Darwin

2010's breakthrough DJ of the year with Fracus, DJ Darwin has long been considered one of the best producers around. Whether it's breakbeat / Dnb as Deeper Territory or hardcore, freeform and anything in between as Darwin, it's not hard to see why many rate him so highly.

One of the original HU members, Darwin has been involved with releases and albums since the RFU days. He has hosted the radio show by himself, with legends like Sharkey, or back to back with Fracus many times.

You can find many free tracks by Darwin on the Hardcore Underground website's download section.

DJ Fracus

DJ Fracus

Two time Hardcore Heaven award winner DJ Fracus is by now an established name in hardcore. Winning best breakthrough DJ with Darwin, and best podcast with DJ Brisk, 2010 has been Fracus' biggest year yet.

As one of Hardcore Underground's core artists, Fracus has been involved with all the albums, events, and has been featured on the radio show from the start.

You can download the Next Generation Podcast hosted by Fracus & Brisk for free each month!

Nu Foundation

Nu Foundation

Ireland's Nu Foundation debuted in 2005 on Maximum Impact, and has since appeared on some of the biggest labels around. Whether it's trance as Mistigris, Mike Levy or plain old UK Hardcore, his tracks always impress. As regular host of the Hardcore Underground show played some of the best sets on Kraftyradio.

You can download 2 free tracks by Nu Foundation on our free mp3 page.

Mikey "Nu Foundation" O'Brien sadly passed away in March of 2011 , leaving behind a legacy in hardcore that will last forever.



DJ Entity

Entity broke through a few years back with the standout track "Fallout" and has been impressing everyone ever since. Now a HU artist with releases signed to HU, CLSM, Kaotik and Relentless, Entity is a mainstay on the radio show as well. Entity's tracks usually lean towards the breakbeat / DnB end of the spectrum, but tracks like "Hookie Mammoth" and the amazing "Higher Functions" prove he is talented no matter what type of hardcore he makes.

Check out Entity's september 2009 Kraftyradio podcast and Crush on Hardcore 4 both for free!

DJ Thumpa

DJ Thumpa

DJ Thumpa is a regular on the Hardcore Underground show and owns the ReBuild Music label that has seen some of the best releases of the year. Highlights so far have been the ReBuild Music Worldwide Freeform album that sold out and was received with very positive reviews, and the follow-up Ultimate Worldwide Freeform album.

You can find a ton of Thumpa's mixes on Midlandshardcore.co.uk

DJ Rhythmics

DJ Rhythmics

DJ Rhythmics is a producer / DJ from Miami, Florida and the latest signee to Hardcore Underground. He has been on several HU shows already, and in late 2010 mixed an episode of the Kraftyradio Top 10 Podcast. Forthcoming releases are scheduled for ReBuild Music, HU Breaks and Audio Warfare.

You can find a few free tracks on the Notes page of his FB page. Make sure to check out "Memento", arguably Rhythmics' best track so far!

DJ Torpex

DJ Torpex

Poland's finest export, DJ Torpex, is a producer, promotor and DJ based in Kraków. He runs the biggest polish hardcore website and has been involved with Hardcore Underground and the Crush on Hardcore series. If you're lucky you've seen him play out either in the UK or Poland, heard one of his HU shows or heard him being harrassed by Brisk & Fracus on the Next Generation podcast.

You can find more info about the Polish hardcore scene on HardcorePlanet.pl. For info on Crush on Hardcore, we have a dedicated page about the CD's.